Anita Xanthou was born in Volos, Greece. The main characteristic in her work is motion. Nothing is stagnant, everything is according the Heraklitus notion of continuous flow.

She makes musical installations, Aeolic constructions and kinetic objects, using a wide range of materials based on the five elements Ether – Fire – Air – Water – Earth

Xanthou’s interest in the lows of Nature is a constant in her work. She exploits the primary energy sources water, light and air-sources that provide her with the basic material to begin the imaginary exploration of their qualities and the laws of physics that govern them. She then creates marvelous constructions of motion, light and sound. For Xanthou, art is a broad field of knowledge that is acquired through an empirical relationship with the wealth of information inherent in nature.

Her works can be found in private collections within Greece as well as abroad.

Personal exhibitions

2019: «Relationships», En Plo, Milina, Pelion

2017: «Relationships», Charta, Volos

2016-2018: Skiathos, “Bourtzi”, “Archipelagos”

2015: «Gaeolides»,  Lagou Raxi, Lafkos, Pelion

2010: “Energized material” cultural center of Volos

2009: “Light with hope” Charta, Volos

2009: “….with love” Zogia ,Volos

2007: “Labyrinth” Koukouli , Volos

2007: “The sacred path” Diavlos, Volos

2007: “Planets” Periplanisi, Athens

2006: “The Sun” Medousa, Athens - "A Sun at Medoussa"

2005:  Tsalapata , Volos

2005:  Monastery of Pao, Pelion

2003: N. Ionia , Magnesia

2003: “Universal” Diavlos , Volos

2002:  Spirer , Volos

2001: Medousa, Athens - "Rotatings"

1995: Medousa, Athens -  "A hole in the water"

1995: “Oinopneumata” Athens

1994: Diavlos , Volos

1992: “Constructions” Medousa , Volos - "A glass of water"

1988: Gallery 4 , Volos

1987: Gallery 4, Volos

1986: Gallery4, Volos

1985:  Gala , Volos

1984:  Artistic and spiritual institute of Volos

Group presentations

2010: “4 art walks” concept C.Drantaki , Volos

2008: “Recycling” Municipal art center , Athens

2007: “Harts in Athens”

2006:  “Lightings” Paros island

2005: “Aqua Art, Hydra

2004: Athina by Art

2004: Art Athina

2003: “Lies and truths” Medousa, Athens

2002:  Biennale in Arabian Emirates

2001: Thessalian Artists, cultural center of Larissa

2000: Art Athina

1998: “Non stop Art” Hilton, Athens

1995: Municipal Pinakotheke of Rethymno, Creta

1994:  Municipal Art Gallery

1993:  K.E.T.E

1989: Municipal center of Makrinitsa, Pelion

1987: Municipal center  of Makrinitsa, Pelion